Our approach

The Craigen Group sparks transformation through our InnerAction® Process. They created, implemented, and trademarked this unique, customizable approach to deliver tangible results that help individuals and companies connect and engage with insight and impact.™

Because each individual and organization is unique, we customize all strategies, solutions, and coaching to meet the respective client where they are and take them to where they want to be.

The Craigen Group is known for not only getting to the root of the problem quickly, but also for supporting clients to take action in effective and purposeful ways.

What is the InnerAction® Process?

The InnerAction® Process is a powerful methodology for forward momentum. The Craigen Group actively and mindfully partners with clients to help them effectively navigate challenges. With that said though, she works in a way that enables each of her clients to take not only the personal responsibility, but also the appropriate action in effective, purposeful ways for greater impact, results and transformation.

How does the InnerAction® Process Work?

The Craigen Group’s unique approach allows clients to:

  • Connect with greater understanding of self, others, ideas, and opportunities through reflection and radical self-awareness.
  • Engage in a meaningful way with focus, purpose, values, and momentum to develop insight to overcome obstacles and leverage opportunities.
  • Impact their organizations and communities by achieving results that exceed predefined expectations and desired outcomes.

What becomes possible as a result of the InnerAction® Model?


When the very best of you is brought forward, you purposefully lead, serve, and create value and impact for others. The Craigen Group’s process creates the space and strategies necessary for you to do the work that will get you and your organization to your desired future.

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