It’s 3:00 am and I can’t sleep.  After tossing and turning to the gentle snoring of my husband I finally decide to get up and sit in the dark living room and light one candle.  I sit in the quiet and drink it in.  Boy does it feel good to just breathe.  In the sitting and breathing I gently notice there is something churning in my mind and my heart.   And I realize… I have something I want to talk about.  I have something I feel compelled to talk about.  I want to talk about Love.

This seems to be the time of year where, for just a few weeks, many of us actually become the best versions of ourselves.  We are generous in spirit, delight in giving to others, and revel in meaningful connection.  In other words, we Love.  And I am not talking about a rush of feelings or Hallmark happy endings.  I am talking about deep, in our bones, in our essence Love – where we really see each other – the best of each other and Love each other at our core because that is our identity and our destiny as human beings.  That is our constant. That is ultimately what this school of life is all about.  Waking up to and remembering that Love is where we came from, Love is who we are and Love is where we are going.  What can we release in our lives to uncover that Love that has been there in us since our beginning?  Fear, worry, unhealthy competition, unworthiness?

And let’s face it – right now in the world it feels like there is A LOT to worry about.  Coordinating online learning for our kids, getting food on the table, showing up (somewhat present) for the next Zoom call, worrying about the bottom lines of our businesses and households, looking for a job.  And we have been stoked with news that causes us to be afraid.  Sometimes REALLY afraid.

The world, right now, more than ever is crying for the coming together of humanity in cooperation and collaboration to shape a future that is stronger, more supportive and even more courageous than our past; where we can step beyond our fears and step back into Love because Love is stronger than fear.  Real, deep in our bones Love is confident and steady and supports our ability to create using our own unique gifts and talents. These unique gifts and talents are our genius.  What do you want to create?  How do you want to contribute your unique genius? What might be your next first step?

There are some places, families, communities, and organizations, that are stepping up and out… moving toward this way of being, living, working and leading. They create and reinforce cultures that allow for the experience of full acceptance.  Thank goodness.  They are transforming out of a temporary Love and even addiction to transactional performance and into a constant state of Love and significance AND experiencing greater outcomes and impact as a result.  What is stopping you from doing the same?  After all, that is where it starts.  It starts with you.  How are you showing up in Love?  How are you meeting each moment?

We have the capacity, and yes, the responsibility to participate in crafting a future that embodies our ability to see the Love in ourselves, in others and for others.  This Love is the full expression of who we really are when all else falls away.  What is stopping us from bringing that Love truth to our everyday lives with ourselves and one another?  Imagine how much more we could solve, how many more possibilities we could harness, how much more fun we could have?  Imagine.  Wonder.  And then act…beyond the holidays.  This is who we are every day, all year, year after year.

Choose Love.