Gail Angelo is an ICF certified coach and expert on Performance Addiction™ and its Antidote. She brings 30+ years of experience to her clients as a results-driven strategy consultant, and catalyst for personal, professional and purposeful transformations. Her passion lies deeply in helping others break the painful cycle of Performance Addiction™.

Gail is known for re-igniting the souls and passions of her clients by facilitating their ability to CONNECT deeply with their individual purpose, ENGAGE their greatest strengths, and realize maximum IMPACT. She works with individuals, corporate executives, high potential leaders, Fortune 100 companies, start-ups, mid-market enterprises and small to large groups. Her practical approach to Inside-Out Living and Leading© is often referred to as “refreshing” by her clients. She calls it like she sees it.

Gail’s personal interests include spending time at the beach with her family, a good cup of coffee at sunrise and a really good laugh.


As its founder, Gail Angelo launched The Craigen Group out of a deep love and respect for her maternal grandmother, Catherine Craigen. Catherine grew up in Paisley, Scotland. She lived by modest means, but hers was certainly not a modest life. She lived into the meaning of her name signifying “rock.” Foundational to the family, she was steady in the face of adversity, open and honest with her deep wisdom, and willing to share the insights that grew from her full and meaningful life.

Catherine had a beautiful way of building trust with people, bringing out the best in each of them respectively, and creating a way by which they felt valued and valuable. In true Celtic tradition, she unearthed something sacred and meaningful in every heart she touched.

The Craigen Group teaches people how to Live and Lead From the Inside Out©. We are firmly anchored in the values true to our namesake; values that support our clients in leading from the very best of who they are—living ­­and leading into their purpose while serving from their values and strengths. For over 30 years the team at The Craigen Group has practiced a unique ability to connect deeply, engage meaningfully, and support our clients in the process of experiencing significant and transformational change for maximum impact.

Gail Angelo engages her power of insight, keen sense of observation, and her masterful, authentic way to connect with people personally and professionally. And, by doing so, she creates space for clients and organizations to see and access the deepest form of transformation.

Carson Tate – Founder and Managing Partner, Working Simply