One of my heroes is Albert Einstein and believe it or not, it is not for his pure intellect, it is for his deep wisdom, which began with his insatiable curiosity.

It is so interesting that Einstein is talked about for his theory of relativity, but few talk about his understanding of the relationship between the head AND the heart.  Einstein believed that the main engine of our being is actually our heart.  That is where our love, curiosity, creativity, courage and compassion reside.   He believed that the brain was to be in service to the heart and NOT that the brain was the be everything to our existence nor our success.  The ability to integrate these longest 18” inches known to man between the head and the heart is the formula for all that we wish to accomplish in alignment with our purpose.

The heart is curious and creative. The brain helps us with clear sight, strategic thinking, and the steps to take on the path forward that arises from the heart.  In this time of immense possibility, how can you tap into what your heart is whispering and longing to have expressed in the world?

Today, as leaders we are thinking about how re-entry from the pandemic will look and how it will play out.  Our temptation will be to jump right back in and try to make up for lost time.  Talk about adding to the stress and anxiety that already exists.  In my executive coaching and life experience, sometimes you have to go slow to go fast.

Start with your heart – curiosity, creativity and compassion.  What will your people need?  What will you need?  What will your clients need? Consider how you must pivot as the global marketplace and financial systems begin to shift.  Creativity, courage, curiosity, and compassion will be the fundamental pillars for sustainable success as the world continues to evolve.  All four of these pillars actually originate in the heart.  Once we connect deeply there – through reflection, self-awareness, self-love, love of others and love for the purpose that we are desiring to bring into the world, then the brain can do its work masterfully in supporting the vision of the future.  Otherwise we are only living half the story.

Call to Action:

Read a little bit about Einstein.  He was genius.  Genius of the heart and the head.  When he went to school as a boy he would come home and his mother wouldn’t ask about how his day had gone.  She would ask him what he found most interesting.  She was curious about what questions he asked that day and how he felt in those moments.  She really wanted to know the true Albert, and in doing so, fostered his curiosity for integrating and connecting the dots to understand the more universal picture.

  • How are you fostering curiosity about yourself?
  • About others?
  • Start reflecting and working that curiosity muscle.

Give it a go.  For a week, tap into a laser-like focus on curiosity.  Let me know what you discover that brings you greater insights, richer relationships and life that is lived from the inside-out anchored in purpose and clothed in compassion.

The impact will be palpable.