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……Through Striving or Thriving?

by Gail Angelo Living to strive sets us up for striving or struggling to live.  Striving is not sustainable.  The challenges associated with striving eventually take their toll in diminished capacity for clear thinking, on our health and most importantly on our ability to enjoy the lives we have been given.  What is it that is keeping you in the striving?  Is it fear of not doing enough, having enough, being enough?  Reflect on how striving is impacting your life and the lives of those around you.  What is it that is driving the need to strive?  What is getting compromised as a result of your striving.  Make a different choice.  Clarify and claim what really matters and let the rest go.  Establish your criteria for yes and say no to the rest.  Practice self-compassion.  Let some things go – particularly your beliefs around enough.  You are enough.  Watch yourself thrive.