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Urgency Addiction? There is a Cure

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Urgency addicts are everywhere in 2014, from the corporate manager who just can’t seem to let go of anything – and is sacrificing strategic vision to get it all done – to the team member who seems to be in a constant state of frenzy, no matter how small the task. The stress that many of us have in our daily lives has to stop – and Gail Angelo, advisor to leaders of Fortune 500 companies, has the solution. “Those who are addicted to performance and urgency – and they are showing up in increasing numbers – often experience a heightened sense of anxiety,” says Gail. “Their ‘urgency addiction’ is often accompanied by impatience and intolerance, results in a decrease in both productivity and effectiveness and ultimately impacts relationships by diluting the ability to be present and connected to others in meaningful ways.” Gail Angelo, MSIR, PCC, is known as a leader of leaders: providing her extraordinary intuition with a practical approach that enables those she works with to move from wishing and hoping to attaining and impact. Gail’s work enables her clients to go from boring to bold by empowering them to better manage their leadership and life goals. She supports executives in leveraging their true strengths, shifting focus to what is of true and purposeful importance and creating strategies with clear action steps that lead to success and fulfillment. In short, Gail’s expertise is a must-have for anyone seeking to strengthen their personal and organizational leadership. “Many of my clients were finding that no matter how many hours they worked, no matter how much time they spent in what is referred to as ‘restless productivity,’ at the end of each day, they’d find themselves wondering what exactly they’d accomplished, not just completed,” notes Gail Angelo, leadership and organizational strategist, principal at Gail Angelo Coaching and Consulting. “Part of my work is to help my clients shift from being tactical to strategic. Clients learn to shift their focus, to move from a place of running on the treadmill to a place of fully leading and living with increased results and impact for them personally and for their organizations.” Gail encourages her clients to reject the notion that busier is better, and to instead acknowledge the benefits of reflection (as an addition to thinking), saying: “Reflection provides the opportunity to understand more deeply how the events of your life shape your life and impact others. Reflection provides a platform for making different choices. It supports your quest for discovering purpose and meaning.” In this way, Gail has a “cure” for the urgency addition that plagues so many of us. Companies with leadership pipelines becoming bottlenecked by urgency addicts turn to Gail to reignite their teams’ strategic potential. By moving them from chaos to calm, Gail helps these leaders regain the ability to own their lives, inspire their teams and their clients, and support their personal, team and organizational goals.