The Great Resignation has been discussed in-depth. People have left their careers and surged a new path. Changes were made to outer roles (jobs) that were visible to all. But before the millions of two-week notices went out, there was The Great Reevaluation – an internal dialogue that was the catalyst to The Great Resignation.

In the midst of the immense physical, emotional and mental challenges brought about by the pandemic, we got reflective… asking ourselves if we need more space, flexibility, money, security, etc. These reflections are important because they allow us to take stock of what really matters to us and allows our lives to be a reflection of that process. It’s just unfortunate that it took a global pandemic to slow us down enough to have these internal, life-changing conversations.

All this is forward progress, but there’s another piece of the puzzle that cannot be ignored: What are the internal roles that we need to resign from that are holding us back or stifling our ability to live more into our imagination and less from indoctrination? Here are some examples of internal roles:

  • The Good Girl / Good Boy
  • The Victim
  • The Always-Available Caregiver
  • The Performance Addict
  • The Conformist

Let’s dive deeper into the last role – The Conformist. Maybe you have always gotten accolades for being easy to work with. You’re never the one who ruffles feathers. You get the job done and go with the flow. But you also have bold ideas. Disruptive ideas. Ideas that can change things for the better. Now is the time to change your internal role from The Conformist to The Alchemist. Your internal role can be shifted and it doesn’t even require a two-week notice.

Resigning from our internal roles is scary. After all, they are designed to keep us feeling safe, which is a fundamental need of humans. We are programmed to believe that the main faucet of safety occurs outside of ourselves (safety through shelter, food, relationships, etc.) when really the opposite is true. The stories around what it really means to be safe are false, indoctrinated beliefs.

Indoctrination around safety doesn’t really keep us safe… it keeps us small. It keeps us in line and we translate that to being safe. The result is our imagination is squashed and our ability to live in possibility plummets.

How can you live more fully into imagination and away from indoctrination? What internal roles do you need to resign from to live a happier, healthier, fuller live? It’s okay to quit… today. And you don’t even have to engage in the awkward, unpleasant conversation with a boss or supervisor. You’re the boss and are always in choice as to your internal roles. Align your roles – both internally and externally – to become the most authentic version of yourself and dive into all the possibility that the universe has to offer.