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……Through Lessons from My Dad

“Today is my dad’s 87th birthday and I am reflecting on the many lessons taught by this fearless, wise man – Richard Darragh. Several that I paraphrase here and carry forward help me show up as my best self as often as possible.
  1. Always look your best so you feel your best and do your best.
  2. Look for the best in others.
  3. Never settle – particularly when it comes to your own health and well-being.
  4. Have your criteria for “yes” so that you know when to say no.
  5. When you say no….always have some alternatives ready for the person asking.
  6. No “dead fish” handshakes.
  7. Make eye contact.
  8. Stand confident in the knowing that you are enough.
  9. Focus on being of service versus being served.
  10. Love one another.  Thanks Dad.
There are so many more things you have taught me about leadership and life.  I am profoundly grateful.  Love you dad.  To my readers…..which of these resonate with you?  Which one of these can you focus on for the next month?  Notice the difference it makes in your life and your impact.”